Learn more about Art and Yoga Flow . . .

This is an interactive yoga and painting workshop geared toward awakening the dormant channels of your mind and body. The workshop will open with dialogue about the origins of yoga and basic philosophical principles. Yoga is an ancient movement meant to quiet the mind by combining poses with deep controlled breathing. Yoga and art are both growing creative global practices. These mediums provide positive recreation and stimulating kinesthetic opportunities. Art & yoga welcome all types of students, educators, ages, body types and creative people who want a positive experience with a unique form of self-expression. Through the movement of yoga, we are able to find stillness and remove creative blocks. When our mind is calm we can tap into our most creative selves.

This workshop is derived from the school of thought that everyone is an artist. Participants will be provided with the tools to tap into your creative nature and enjoy the release that art and yoga offer. While yogis and artists alike will enjoy this workshop, you do not need to be either to participate. This workshop welcomes beginners and all levels. The yoga practice can be personalized.